Re: Electric Love


Yes John, and other Coots who have missed some posts. 

The converters wired up just fine from what  it looks like on the bench.  I'd ike to know the amps rating on that pack is too, but capacity!!  that never seems to be an exact science once the actual motor, water condition, and relevant wid is altering run times.  I need to figure the plug to add that battery to the motors with a plug next.  I can't just use the charge input circuit , because there is always another or both on line, the old different size batt. problem.  So, I think I will need to be looking for a 3 way switch as well, and see what that takes.  I have two -- two pack switches here, probably list those on e bay, soon as I get around to doing that.  If you need one let me know.

Charlie and I cruised Dexter theother day, tried Lookout first but again too late to have usable ramps, with water drop 2--3 ft. per day going out.  A week ago I could have done that safely, but now no dock to stand on that is close to the correct launch lane.  Moved to Dexter and it was a great day.  Looks like I get two hours or close to that with two coots, thats on one pack.  One pack in reserve, as the rule.  I get close to an extra hour as a solo ride, depends on the lake, so one more pack could be welcome when I'm solo for a longer day, maybe !!!   Could do more, but at way slow voltage settings, we used 20 amps as a goot clip, and the depth finder quits when the voltage drops with a good sound to make it noticable,

Speaking of that, how about taking some runs (boat of choice)  at Fern Ridge next week, I have Monday as open at the moment.  Maybe a picnic lunch cruise, some gotta doos sort of hem me in next week, bur we haven't visited in a while.  Charlie and I came up with a formula, for a two person ride.  Water time is divided into bladder capacity, or sun power, when you gotta go, you just go pottie or usually home.  Solo runs have more options, and so need the extra battery time. 

Later,   Cal 


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