Re: Electric Love

John Weiss

The Prius battery may be a bargain. IIRC, I had to pay the Toyota dealer $425 for a replacement AGM!

On 08/11/20 16:49, John Kohnen wrote:
If price isn't an issue... $949 each, and I'd need two. <sigh> And a Battery Management System (BMS) to care for them. 150 A/H! :o) My flooded lead/acid batteries only have about 40 A/H practical capacity.
The replacement battery they sell for Prii may be something to look at.
>40 A/H (and the rate at a more aggressive discharge than the usual
lead/acid rating) and a built in BMS, for $349 each.
On 8/11/2020 3:34 PM, John Weiss wrote:
If price isn't a deterrent, and weight is the issue, look at these LiFePo4 batteries:

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