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I distrust high-thrust trolling motors that run on 12 volts. I spent a bunch of good money on a fancy-dan 50 lb. thrust Minn Kota -- a good brand -- 12 volt motor, and it doesn't push Pickle along noticeably better than the cheap 30 lb. thrust motor I had before. Maybe it really only produces 40% more oomph rather than the 67% boost you'd expect from the advertised thrust, since it only consumes 40% more juice...

When you start pulling the kind of current the high thrust 12 volt motors consume you end up with loss to heat in the wires, and the Peukert effect means that you run your batteries down a lot faster. If that cheapo 12 volt 65 lb. thrust motor really does make that much thrust, it'd have to draw around 65 amps. That's a lot. A 24 volt motor would draw half the current.

I'm curious what'd happen if you ran a 12 volt trolling motor on 24 volts... I may try it on my $5 garage sale 28 lb. thrust motor. I haven't done so before because I didn't have two matching 12 volt batteries, but now I could borrow Tuffy's. :o)

On 8/9/2020 7:01 AM, Dan from Almostcanada wrote:
John. I just ordered a "cheap" 65 pound short shaft from the back alleys
of Sri Lanka or some such. But, of course, you brought me up short with
discussion of 24 volts...I still have an unused 24 of unknown thrust--about
65, I think,
Somewhere in my checkered past there
was mention of lower tron consumption with higher that your
implication with the above "higher math?" Dan.
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