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The Yaquina River between Elk City and Toledo isn't a very good place for a sailboat. Bring your kayak. I hope you can manage to bring Larimar to Fern Ridge before the water is all gone. Bob L and I poked around with his boathook yesterday and discovered that the depths given below are a little pessimistic for the end of the Richardson ramp (but about 4" optimistic for the depth in my slip out on E Dock <sigh>). There's about a foot more water at the end of the Orchard Point ramp.

On 8/9/2020 4:25 PM, elaine wrote:
Being stuck at home has its advantages. I took my Enterprise sailing/racing dinghy to the Toledo Boat Show last year and as some of you know I had my share of problems. One that has been on my mind was that I couldn't figure out how to keep the rubber down. I've been researching since to figure this dilemma as I would love to sail her on some future Coot messabouts. Today it all came to me and now it'll work correctly. I think I'll bring the Enterprise to the Halloween float just so I can test it out. Or if things work out I may take her to Fern Ridge. We'll see.
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