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John Weiss

If price isn't a deterrent, and weight is the issue, look at these LiFePo4 batteries:

On 08/11/20 15:19, John Kohnen wrote:
They have dock carts available at Richardson with big wheels that roll over the cleats on the dock gangways easily. With the water so low it's a slog pulling the cart loaded with to group 24 batteries up the gangway, and I worry about a disaster it the cart got away from me going down! <g>
For my usual use, I think I could keep the batteries up with a solar charger, and two group 24s will give me enough range the rare occasion when the wind dies completely when I'm far from my slip, and they'll be less likely to damage my back than group 27s when I _do_ need to get them home to recharge. I'll have to get in touch with Joe Grez at Electric Paddle for his advice on a solar charging system. During the Salish 100 last year I overheard him discussing the best sort of panels to use, but I forgot most of what he said. <g> Joe did the whole Salish 100 using only solar power, with one of his standard Electric Paddle batteries as a buffer.
Last night I did a short run in Tuffy at full "throttle" while watching the ammeter. After initially rising to a bit over 50 amps while accelerating, from a 4 amp rate, the current draw settled down at 49 amps. I didn't have a GPS along, but I backed off after s short run because I was afraid I'd get a bloody nose from the speed. ;o) It did seem like Tuffy was going along at a good clip.
Alas, Minn Kota doesn't give you any useful information on their Web page anymore, or at least the last time I looked. <sigh> The _rough_ rule of thumb about their trolling motor ratings used to be about one amp maximum current per pound of rated thrust, or a half amp per pound for the 24 volt motors. Though my 50 lb. electronic controlled 12 volt motor is only rated at 42 amps. Go figure... Anyway, by that rule of thumb, the 80 lb. motor bolted to Tuffy's keel should only draw 40 amps max. If it is indeed an 80 lb. motor... Did they make larger 24 volt motors? Tuffy has an odd propeller with its tips folded, making little end plates. She didn't have it in 2017. Perhaps it's more aggressive than the stock Minn Kota prop. If the current prop is indeed overloading the motor, maybe she'd do better with the stock prop... At any rate, I won't ever be running the motor at full speed for more than a few moments, if I get in a "situation" while maneuvering.
I think I'll do some test runs with a fresh charge in the batteries, and a GPS, just before I pull Tuffy out, so I can haul the batteries home in the boat on her trailer rather than hauling them up from the dock again. ;o)
On 8/11/2020 6:46 AM, Electri-Cal wrote:
Hot foot it over to a sporting gooda store, luggage store or, some even used gear places.  A folding suitcase crooling carrier works fine.
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