Re: Electric Love


I agree completely with you, John.  Just a touch under hull speed does make life easy, as i'm finding out over time.  Last time at Fern Ridge was good, one battery pack got me close to 3 hours, as a solo weight cruise.  I was stiff getting out, but thats ok for me.  Two biMart 27's does the job, the back up pack is good insurance.  Bi Mart does have access to deep cycle 29 series, I may do that, but it adds 60 pounds  Might make an extra hour at best , but do I need that ??   I'm running at a few less amps, due to less wetted surface, no keel, but as you mentioned, who cares, it's the trip -- without equipment worries -- that does the job.  Recharging is easy, but needs to remember which pack was in use, and charge each one seperately to avoid a charging conflict.  Thinking now about a cover for the behind the seats area, basic arched to match wood cover is roughed our, might do white canvas over that, to make gunnell and transom snap fittings easier than several solid clamps of some kind.  

Just yesterday I finished wiring the 48 volt to 24 V converter.  Now the ev bicycle pack can be the third backup pack.  The new bigger prop for MKota motors awaits testing, new sleeve fits like a charm.  Motor is at Myles place on the coast, so that has to wait a bit.  I have another converter to make the bike pack power a MKota directly also, so ready to go there too, after I get a motor to run all this stuff.  I forger how much run time the bike pack has on paper, but nees a good in water testing. It seems that the pack weighs about half a wet battery, while adding more run time, due to the lower the pack can be drained by a good deal.  Time will tell how this works out, keep fingers crossed.

Lots of stuff to make things better before winter returns ---  Cal

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