Re: Electric Trolling Motors (was: Good Girl For Sale)


John. I just ordered a "cheap" 65 pound short shaft from the back alleys
of Sri Lanka or some such. But, of course, you brought me up short with
discussion of 24 volts...I still have an unused 24 of unknown thrust--about
65, I think, but gave up on the wiring to also have a full suite of
services on Walkabout. Anyhow, the latest lurch is to drop the gas backup
motor and use the electric as both a maneuvering (twisting around and
anchoring stern first is what we do alluhtime) and with the addition of a
roofmount solar panel I'm hoping to have a get home backup. I gave up on
the twin 4-stroke setup and am back to just the 9.9 Suzi. We lost about
1.5 mph and run at about 500 rpm higher. Mostly what I lost was delusions
of grandeur, with the loss of twins...Somewhere in my checkered past there
was mention of lower tron consumption with higher that your
implication with the above "higher math?" Dan.

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