Electric Trolling Motors (was: Good Girl For Sale)


A bit of work with the calculator...

Tuffy's motor (an 80 lb. thrust Minn Kota bolted to the side of the keel -- half of what Cal has on Surprise) eats 5 amps x 24 V = 120 watts at my usual, leisurely, rate of progress.

A Minn Kota 30 lb. thrust motor, at full chat, eats 30 amps x 12 V = 360 watts.

Both motors will produce a bit less power than they consume, but the calculations above are good for comparison.

Tuffy is supposed to weigh 924 lb. Add another hundred for the batteries. Good Girl is supposed to weigh 900 lb., without batteries. But who knows what they really mean by "displacement?" <sigh>



The 12 volt 30 lb. motor should have plenty of oomph for Good Girl. At full power the 30 will have about as much oomph as Tuffy's running at 15 amps, which is the highest I've run it at so far, except for when maneuvering.

The cheap Minn Kota 30 won't be as efficient at less than full speed as the much more expensive trolling motors with electronic speed control, but I think you'd be better off spending less on the motor and using some of the savings to get a bigger and/or better battery(ies). I'm probably gonna replace Tuffy's flooded lead/acid deep cycle batteries with AGMs someday...

On 8/8/2020 2:20 PM, I wrote:
Don't go overboard on an electric trolling motor. I'll bet one of the 30 lb. thrust Minn Kotas will do the job for you, and you can usually find them on sale somewhere for around a hundred bucks.
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