Electric Love


Had a nice sail yesterday evening. While out there I was thinking that Tuffy is the easiest sailboat to get out sailing in that I've had at Fern Ridge. Is it the rig? No. There's a jackleg jib cover to deal with when I come back, and a bit too small mainsail cover with a zipper that can be hard to get started in the dark. Handiness getting unmoored and moored again? No. The cleats on the dock don't match up with the cleats on Tuffy adding some extra effort to untying and tying up again.

No, what makes Tuffy so easy to get sailing and then back in her slip is the electric motor! :o) No yanking on a starter cord to get the outboard running. No Noise. Reverse at the touch of a fingertip (I couldn't turn Pearl's outboard around for reverse without hitting the rudder). And it's quiet. When the wind dies in the evening, or, as happened last night, starts blowing right on the nose for the last bit on the way home, I can fire up the electric motor and have a nice peaceful trip back to the slip. Almost as nice as sailing. :o) Maybe even a little better, in a way, because I don't need to pay attention to the sails and can watch the sky and birds and water... On Monday, the full moon was making the fish active and big fish were rising all around me as I neared E Dock. Bass? Carp? Purty neat. :o)

So, I sure do love electric boating. :o)

I don't love lugging the batteries up the ramp and back to the car to take home to charge. <sigh> Gotta get some sort of solar charging system before next year. BTW, I've found that running at about 4-5 amps draw (24 volt) gets Tuffy along just fine for my purposes. Probably about the same speed I prefer when using the Honda on my other boats, with the motor just putting along slowly, not making an unpleasant noise.

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