Re: Underwater Vision Update


Ah, yep !  Good article, maybe we can find thet 'ol locomotive or whatever in the spring, with max. clearer water levels.  The bushing Charlie and I coccockted is good for all larger props, I used a drill bit to check sizes so now a lot more props are available for testing.  I think i'll get one more, or both of the two available locally.  If we find a super duper combo, I can press fit to make a permanent adaptor easy.   Depth camera not so easy, that is experimental, but i'm getting closer, ---  now to get lucky !!!  I didn't see many fish the other day, but looked at "pings" on maybe 8 that I would count.  A bit much chemical crud to eat any though, unless fertilizer runoff is tastier than I think.

Later,   Cal

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