Re: Underwater Lights and -- an added MK adaptor prop note !!!


The bright light will probably just bounce back off the silt and algae, just like bright lights do when driving in fog. I wonder if the infrared sensors will see right through the muck...

You mean that you adapted an 80 lb. thrust propeller to a 40 lb. thrust motor? Hook up an ammeter before doing any tests, so you can see if you're overtaxing the motor.

Myles boat is a Scamp. Yep, he bought one instead of building from a kit. <g> He's got a slip at Mercer Lake.

Have fun!

On 8/7/2020 8:34 AM, Electri-Cal wrote:
As an dddition, I have a 60 led high power underwater light coming in. Billed as a fishing green tinted bait attractant, I thought it might also cut through the crud if I needed more light down there.  Ordered that before I trashed the first set up, darn it.  Might be a workable on the next one, but might not need it -- with infrared and a LOT of lights, who knows??  I can drop the big light, than lower the TV type to see if anything helps.  This just for fun, research only --- obviously not doing all this mess when heading at a shore line.
You'all will love this!!  I finally got the larger Minn kota  80 lb push, two blade prop adapted to the 40 hp size shaft, and  Working on good clearance with case edges . Now a bit  more push is expected.  Also will be making one for the bigger 3 bladed Kipawa 80 lb to a 40 size transom mount, shaft -- with care to not overload the motor.  Making a control panel for that too.  Stay tuned, as I'm looking for more push at slower speeds -- but using a commonly available motor size.  Stay tuned for that also, Charlie and I came up with this for Myles boat, on the coast with a gusty and windy lake. . Yeah, some concern about a mount that will take the extra side torque with this.
Later, Got more to do Huff, Puff !! -----  Cal
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