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1 1/2 props, and counting... ;o) But you're having fun. :o)

Charley knows a fellow whose family owned some property that's now at the bottom of Fern Ridge. May be a Richardson, I don't recall. Anyway, he told Charley that when They finished building the dam in 1941 They abandoned a steam locomotive in what's now the deepest part of the lake, by the spillway -- "the part where it's a hundred feet deep." Hmmm... Methinks the tale might have grown in the telling. <g> Maybe some equipment was abandoned on the future lakebed, but over the years the size of that equipment, and the depth, have grown significantly. ;o)

On 8/7/2020 8:09 AM, Electri-Cal wrote:
Hi, John -- Yep so far I could have bought 1 1/2 props for those bucks. ...
Charlies friend had what equipment to use?? ...
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