Re: Underwater Vision Update


Hi, John -- Yep so far I could have bought 1 1/2 props for those bucks.  Would like to nsee below that summer algae cloud though.  Yes, you did do that, thanks back at you for the heads up.  However, i'm not one to be deterred without a bit more checking.  Charlies friend had what equipment to use??  Mine did not work as well as hoped, partly because not enough light source.  Then I broke the lens, and stopped the whole operation, but I did learn that you cannot see without a bigger unit and better vision.  I found one with both regular and NIGHT VISION sensors, more money but could make it all better, or not !!  For the cost, I need a good idea that will work, gotta pay to play.  Bigger sensor, more light is Probably Better from 1 ft down ??

Too bad the bigger unit I bought -- that comes in 3 plug in parts is a non starter, nobody can seem to get a picture on the screen, ---  defective, accidental short, trial and misplugging, factory defect, stupidity  or other ???  I do have a 12 volt lab power source, so I can bench test, an important part when looking at different systems to install later in the boat.

I now know a forward facing very small 3/8 inch tube depth finder most likely will not work, so a  bigger and brighter camers is the next "look see" with more research added.  I will probably mount it on the side where I can lower, and raise it easier.  I would like a sender that wirelessly transmits to my phone, but then I would probably have the stereo bluetooth sound system interfering with the depth signal.  The electric motor power is hard on the depth finder as it is, starts overloading the screen with static at over lower trolling speeds.

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