Re: Underwater Vision Update


AARGH !!  I made a mount for holding the sensor on a pole underwater, another trial rig for dry mounting through the hull, with the syn. sapphire watch chrystal lens,  The sensor// camera pickup got lodged in the mount, s I carefully CRACKED the built in lens.  Now to decide if I want to try that again, or go for the as advertised "fishing " camera which is over an inch bigger.  It does have regular and infrared lights for night vision, a very tempting thought for the extra bucks.  Bigger screen, longer range, etc., so if I wanted to start over it basically is another unit, that is more bucks.  Thinking about that  more versatile drop tube or flip up holder for better access without holes or through hull mounts, stay tuned as I will get this set to show those pesky rocks and stuff that eats props.  DARN< DARN< DARN !!!

Later,   Cal

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