Re: Lower Columbia River info

Mark Neuhaus

Hi Elaine,

On Monday, August 3, 2020, elaineginader <elaineginader@...> wrote:

If you make your information so we can reference it that would be so helpful.

At this point, I am gathering all points of interest as waypoints in a .gpx file.  I plan to have a database/spreadsheet also. And if I wanted to get real ambitious, I could make up a webpage with all pertinent info shown there. Time will tell.

 I like your new boat.

Thanks.  I'm looking forward to more comfortable accommodations than I had in Moonlit Turtle. But I got a lot to learn about docking and handling it in tight spaces, due to the inside helm. I don't mind the dings in my boat, but other folks may not be glad to see me approaching.....   :-)


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