Underwater Vision Update


Great morning at Fern Ridge res.,  All systems go, at last, time to check out the camera in the green water,  Nope, not going to show anything that is not green and fuzzy.  If it was on a 20 foot pole the camera might get down there below the salad.  But that is not the purpose, so I guess unless the water is clear this is not of interest.  Couldn't pick up the red hull at a foot away, but at the $ 35. price I didn;t expect wide screen and stereo.  The wide screen $ 25. auto camera still is not working, several wiring questions and "is it that underwater sealed" is still a valid question.  If it doesn't even turn on or show life, it's not a player anyhow.  I have a 2 ft. pole with a mount, but need to make a way longer one to get below the algi line, maybe??

The problem is that the dedicated units are not nearly as small and easy to hide in a snag free mount on the center line !!!  Sooo , I plan to get  the larger size and spend the bucks, then make a mount that is located where I can get to it for docking or cleaning or adjusting the range.  That looks to be some trouble to get right, and cost several times more than my  current one, possibly still will not see that much better.  The cost is a lot more, but maybe be a more workable solution.

HOWEVER -- one or a couple tries furthur first..  Looking at going to the clearer lakes, with the sensor set into a pole that can get lower under water.  That way I can check the visability better, sure as heck needs to be better than today.  So, long story short, I will see if another clearer water location will be better, or if boat movement is just too much for these smaller and easier to mount units.  Would be nice to get better answers before I chip in bigger bucks.

So -- don't buy one of these things yet, if they can't produce a good photo of obstructions it might  be a waste.  I'm still hoping for more that zero success, but not on algi filled lakes, eh ??   Can;t mount inside depth "pucks" on a wood boat without holes or tubes, or unusual mounts faired into the hull.plus the cone of pickup areas still don't point forward to work well.

All the best, stay tuned,   Cal


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