Good Girl For Sale

Joe Novello

Hi All,

I’m sure some of you know this boat. Andrew Linn spent a lot of time really sprucing her up with new rigging and a new weighted centerboard.  I’ve had the boat just about a year and have kept her up with new varnish, sparfly and some lines. 

COVID happened and the Salish 100 didn’t, which is what I bought the boat for. I’ve been sailing it in Eugene and have the slip there for another month.  I’m selling the boat for what I paid $1200 which is a fantastic deal.   I’m posting it here before I do a blitz on the internet. It would be cool for one of our own crew to get it.  

Good Girl is a Neptune 16. You can find out all kinds of information about her on the internet, or contact me if you have any questions.  I’ll say it is one of the easiest boats I’ve ever sailed and unbelievably stable - I can stand on the rail, even with the board up and it hardly lists.  It’s just a fantastic boat.  

Please respond to me: joenovello3@... if you are interested.  

Joe Novello

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