Re: Lower Columbia River info

Richard Green

Many years ago….geez, as I get older….it was in the eighties....I was sailing my 8’ El Toro in the lower river out of the John Day River launch off Hwy 30 east of Astoria. Sailed it out among the islands in the protection of Cathlamet Bay to the extent able. Well as nature would have it, had to piddle so beached best I could on one of the little spits therein, all covered with tall grass. Turned out with the tide being in, the “island” was covered with water which didn’t show due to the tall grass. So I walked/waded a few feet, piddled basically in the river, on the island, in the tall grass. When I got back in the El Toro my sailing partner indicated I had a leech on my calf. Being squeamish about leeches I grabbed it by the tail end, flung it in the air and…it landed right back on my leg. I may have screamed like a little girl, can’t recall precisely……

Two of us in an 8’ boat, that was back in the day when I still was able to bend and flex and move around under my own power in ways I can only remember now.


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