Larimar on Fern Ridge (was: Halloween float)


Let us know if you can get away from the salt mine for some sailing on fern Ridge.

As it usually does this time of year it's been getting pretty windy in the afternoons on Fern Ridge. Those who aren't ready to cope with gusts into the 20s (mph) should go out in the morning, or the evening when the wind usually dies down. Or invite Andrew to come along. ;o)

I recommend that sailors coming from afar should plan on camping, or sleeping on their boat in the marina (cheap). The evening is the best time to be out on the water anyway, even if the wind can die down too much when the sun sets. <g> Even experienced sailors who like a brisk wind would have a better time if they stayed for a night or two, so they can spend a bigger share of their time sailing rather than traveling and launching and retrieving their boat.

Fern Ridge never filled all the way this year, and is already over 4' below full. It's gonna be a short season. <sigh> You can check the lake depth here:

and a chart:

Weather forecast:

Eugene Airport weather conditions for the last few days:

The Eugene Yacht Club weather station:

On 7/19/2020 10:15 PM, elaineginader wrote:
If I can work it out as I'm a working gal I would love to try and join you guys at Fren Ridge with Larimar. It would be great to see how she flies with her sails up.
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