Re: Wooden boat for sale (in Norway)


Nice boat. A snekke! :o) Gotta love those double-enders. <g> Though I tend to favor the smaller ones:

Unpainted boat bottoms? Must be too cold for shipworms, barnacles, and other fouling. I'll bet they use a mixture of oil and pine tar on 'em, like they use on the topsides of a lot of Scandinavian boats.

BTW, a literal translation of "snekke" is "worm". There must be something lost in translation, as they say...

On 6/22/2020 6:28 PM, Myles T wrote:
A 3^rd cousin of mine owned/refurbished and may have originally built this wooden cruising boat that’s now for sale in Stavanger, Norway.
His widow is selling the boat---cancer sucks. L
Interesting how in Norway it’s common to have the boat bottoms unpainted (probably varnished?) while topsides are often painted.
We even saw very large metal fishing boats with at least wooden cladding up front and underwater.
I’m not sure why.
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