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I sure like it too! :o) We went out for another, longer, sail this afternoon. Tuffy is well mannered, comfortable (except for a too low cockpit coaming, but I was spoiled by Pearl <g>), and she moves along pretty good in light airs. When the breeze picks up she heels over and scoots, but not very fast. As I mentioned before, she feels like she's going fast because the propeller is spinning like mad. <g> But she's only 15' long, with 400 lb. of concrete in her keel, so there's only so much she can do. <g>

I got some lines tangled up after hoisting the sails in Richardson Bay and got caught by a hefty gust off the butte from abeam with the sails sheeted in. Tuffy heeled over quite a bit, but settled in as the flare and ballast did their work as we headed up onto the wind. :o) Reassuring.

With her long keel Tuffy doesn't turn on a dime, and she doesn't have a mizzen to help, so it'll take some practice to get my tacking technique perfected. But she was never meant to be a race boat. <g> But the long keel also means that you don't have to be on your toes all the time, and can let your mind wander, or watch the sailboats and water and birda... :o)

I've gotta do some fettling of the standing rigging. All this darned wire is new to me. <g> There are these funny spring gizmos that are _supposed to_ lock the turnbuckles, but they don't. <sigh> The turnbuckles are sort of semi-bottle screws, with an opening only on one side, so there's no wasy way to wire them. No locknuts of course. I'll figure something out...

On 6/21/2020 9:42 AM, Brandon F wrote:
Sure do like that boat!
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