Turning Over a Tolman Skiff

Randy Torgerson

The Tolman is Over. 

On June 20th, the hull of my Tolman was turned over.  Weeks of preparation paid off with no one getting hurt and only a few minor scratches on the hull.   90 percent of the work is done and I only have 180 percent to go to finish the boat. 


The first step was to raise the boat enough to move the building form out of the way. 


The building form has fixed caster wheels so the boat can be pushed left or right but cannot roll out of the shop in to the parking lot.  Temporary swivel casters were added to the right side to roll the building form out when it was on edge.

The hull was raised up to that when on its side it would clear the concrete floor.  That is about 900 pounds hanging on two ropes tied in an endless loop.  You can see the scaffolding that prevents the boat from being moved out of the bay and just rolled over using manpower.



As the hull approaches vertical it becomes harder to tip the hull over. 



Working hard now to get the hull to flip. 



The hull is now upright. 

 And on the cradle. 


The next step is sanding and finish fiberglassing the inside of the hull.  Some of the inside joints have been glassed but not all.  I have decided that I am going to change the transom arraignment but that come later.


I will be done in June; I just don’t know which year.


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