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Richard Green

Happy for some mild temps and a bit of rain overnight and so far this morning!


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I was watching a TV show that made me think of the "Whoop-up Trail" from Ft. Benton in Montana north to a trading fort in what's now Alberta in the late 1800s. There was prohibition in Montana, at least for Indians, and no law in that part of Canada... The Whoop-up Trail ran right by, or even through, where the town my Dad grew up sprang up -- Shelby, Montana -- so while looking up the trail I also looked at the Wikipedia page for Shelby. This is what a contributor had to say about the climate:

"Shelby has four distinct seasons, and is considered an arid climate. Long, severe winters give way to springlike weather anywhere from March to May. Summers can be extremely dry and hot, though it is not unusual to experience a snow flurry in July. The area is prone to heat, lightning, hail, and severe thunderstorms during the summer months. Fall weather is often unpredictable, with snow falling during October some years, and temperatures well into the 80s stretching until the end of November on other years. Due to the city's location just off of the Rocky Mountain Front, wind is a constant."

Sounds like someone who lived there. ;o)

Looks like a cousin of mine still publishes the newspaper there. I'm not quite sure how the Kavanaughs are related to me. They've run the Promoter for generations.

My sister an I still get a royalty check every year from our share of the natural gas that was found under the old farm. About $7. <g>

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