Re: The Rolling, Lurching, Vomit-Inducing Road to a Seasickness Cure

Richard Green

In the summer of 1980 I was sailing with a friend in Hawaii. We were going to bring his boat back to the PacNW. We did an overnight passage from Oahu to Kauai which didn’t bother me despite the roughness of the sea. But when we took off north from Hanalei Bay it was into 10+’ swells hard on the nose. I was seasick for three days though getting better after the first two. As they say about mal de mer, it isn’t that you think you’ll die, it is that you’re afraid you won’t.

However, I got my sea legs and it was shown to the point about two weeks or so later when we had a day of gale with fifty mph winds largely on the stern, large waves confused from different directions breaking over the sides of the boat, tearing the lee cloths off, thumping on the deck……and I was down below happily cooking lunch giving nary a thought to the motion save to occasionally having to hang on.


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An article in Hakai magazine (which published lotsa interesting stuff):


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