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Nylon is too stretchy for an upwind sail. Polytarp works good. Polysail Dave has done a lot of experimentation with them and has got them figured out. Search for "polytarp sail", "Polysail" and "Dave Grey" in the Duckworks Magazine archive:

More from COD:

Jim Michalak's perennial article on "sail area math" a good one, and his method of balancing the rig should work fine for a kayak:

Tyvek house wrap has also been used for sails. The main problem for Coots, and other small boat sailors, is that they sell it in Big rolls at Jerry's. You might be able to bum enough for several kayak sails from a building site...

On 6/10/2020 11:54 PM, Jove wrote:
Yes, not very cootish, and I was hoping to build it myself from scrap and a little sail cloth or that ripstop nylon they sell at Joanneā€™s in nice colors.
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