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I like balanced lugsails, but for a kayak you oughta look at some of the rigs used by canoe sailors long ago, but reduced in size. I'm thinking particularly about the batwing. It uses a short mast that you can probably leave up without hindering your paddling. When you drop the sail it all comes down aft of the mast, where you can more easily deal with it. Looks cool, too. <g> I don't mean what some modern canoe sailors call a "batwing", like Balogh's, but the original, like this:

More interesting stuff from COD:

I'd avoid any loose-footed (boomless) sail on a kayak, because it'd be prone to a "death roll" going downwind in a strong wind.

Did you ever finish the skin on frame kayak, Jove?

On 6/10/2020 11:54 PM, Jove wrote:
Yes, not very cootish, and I was hoping to build it myself from scrap and a little sail cloth or that ripstop nylon they sell at Joanne’s in nice colors. But the attachment methods and the recommended sail area are helpful. After reading some good things about balanced lug rigs going to windward ok I’m leaning in that direction. Short spars, simple to build and a low center of effort.
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