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Bob Miller

Collapsible rig. Easily handled.

Bob M

On Tue, Jun 9, 2020 at 3:08 PM Jove Lachman-Curl <jovelc87@...> wrote:
Hey coots, I'm looking for input on a simple sail rig for my kayak.
I paddle a couple of 15-16ft sea kayaks made by edyline, one is from mid 80s and one is mid 2000s.
I use a cedar greenland paddle I made most of the time.
I'd love to try sailing a kayak, so I'm looking for a simple design and a guide on how much area to shoot for.
I'd like to attach a platform and a leeboard too, then probably balance the rig and leeboard and use the paddle or corrections.
input? designs?
I don't want something that gets in the way of paddling, or requires an outrigger. So I imagine this being a fairly small rig, maybe attached with suction cups, or a backer plate under the deck and screws. I'd like it to stow easily without getting out of the kayak.
I'm open to it being lug, wing, crab clay etc. I'd like to get a little ponting ability out of it, not just a drag shoot, I go down wind pretty fast anyway.
  Input? Designs?  
I was out the other evening till dusk and here's a pretty picture of that.

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