Re: Flailing for a shallow alarm system


I contacted the Hawkeye folks for info on the inside hull mounting.  Yes, it works, but reduces the depth to some degree and you have to figure it out yourself.  The bottom is less defined, Muddy bottoms might drop out, sometimes obstructions do not show up as clearly as needed before contact, fish are more problematical, etc.  Depends on the type of unit, epoxy type and thickness, and the transducer shape, -- puck, or skimmer types.   Bottom line on inside install -- is how much reduction in performance can you deal with??  I'm not fond of glassed over holes either, ones the size of a pickup ( say 3 inches outside tube ) are not my idea of great. 

 I chatted with a few folks on this, and what I am doing is in  "maybe, just try it first !!"  mode.  So, wait till I get done with the project for the moment, do some water testing and hopefully a good installation for real, and then I will have some demo stuff for intended use.  I have been known to roar off in pursuit of something that had side effects that killed the project, I THINK I can solve my dilemma , no guarantees for now.

Just thinking, maybe too mych !!  ----  Porky Pig       Thea,thea,thea, that's all folks !!            ( Still not admitting this !!  )  

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