Flailing for a shallow alarm system


Mumm, I just now ordered what I HOPE will be the answer to hanging the boat up on stuff.  I did order one at $56.00 - so half the price of the Norcross unit.  First, no sounding alarm, figuring if i'm in problem water I need to be aware at all times.  I don't need a Fish finder, got my original and it works.  So, I now have a waterproof hi def. lighted, and battery powered pipe bore scope.  Dumb, huh !!   I can put this  in a smaller tube,  fixed at an angle up front, imbed in a solid Bolger mini bump attached as needed, or tape fix to the bottom to test first.  That gives me an led lighted plus filmable photo chip setup, in a smaller sensor package, facing forwardish to get a full depth of field, depending on water clarity.  This sensor is way smaller than any fish finder, and easier to seal in for a good view.  Anyway, I will have it in about 2 weeks, and be ready to do the rest of the story.  Having some pix of this lash up will be available soon as I get 'er done. 

Heres Hoping Folks, Keep 'er Tuned in ----  Porky Pig      ( not taking credit till it works, eh !! )

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