Re: Depth finder info. needed


In reviewing all the great data, I considered that someday I might like to remove the transducer, for a new model, stops working or ??  Cancelled the first order before shipping  so I'm now looking at you'alls posts again. It NEEDS o be a real depth finder to see logs, rocks, or ??   From Johns references, and u tube stuff it looks like I could just put a short pipe with a cap fixed to the hull bulkhead and partially remove the wood hull inside.  Looks like making it taller than the water level would be a good idea, since the bow is very shallow up to a couple feet back.  Will do some hunting on line and at Jerrys store, will update later.  I do have a Cabellas card too, betcha they have done this before, and I get the discount with the advice.

Be dooin' stuff fast, Summers here, and sunken logs are waiting near the shore ----    Cal

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