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I've been using one of the older Hawkeye depthsounders in Lazy Jack, with a transom mount in the motorwell. Works fine. Mine only reads to about 200' but more is really mostly about entertainment, <g>, though it can be useful for navigation, or DEEP sea fishing. Like every other depthsounder or fishfinder I've heard of, the Hawkeye doesn't read much less than 3'.

On 5/17/2020 1:40 PM, Electri-Cal wrote:
I decided to go for the Norcross marine offered -- Hawkeye in dash model wirh real 2 inch hole- thru hull sensor.  The decision was partly on the 600 ft. depth for fun looking around, then the added temp sensor for more detail, and the 2B  upgraded model - new, not rebuilt, could have saved $20.00 but decided to do the whole thing.  Upgrades were depth added,  and better reading dial.  I can make a mounting for the cockpit dash pretty easy, and different alarms should keep me aware of problems quicker.
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