Re: Algae Bloom at Fern Ridge


At Richardson Park the infestation is just around the shoreline and doesn't extend out to the end of E Dock. Yet. I haven't ventured out into the lake yet to see if there are rafts of the stuff in open water.

I took a few photos. I don't know much about algae, but I think the green globs may be ordinary algae. Unpleasant, but harmless. The weird colored bits are more interesting. When I've seen blue-green algae before -- or what I thought was b-g algae -- it was _bright_ green. This stuff makes me see why they named it what they did. <g> See attachments.

Not all blue-green algae are toxic -- they sell some of it in health food stores -- but since They no longer test Fern Ridge I suppose we'll never know what this stuff is. <sigh> Don't let your dog get in the water, or go swimming yourself. Our kind of boating should be OK.

On 5/16/2020 3:21 PM, Rich G wrote:
We’re gonna have to get used to those blooms it looks like. So many lakes and reservoirs coming down with it. Not a pretty picture.

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