Gotta Pay to Play !!


I decided to go for the Norcross marine offered -- Hawkeye in dash model wirh real 2 inch hole- thru hull sensor.  The decision was partly on the 600 ft. depth for fun looking around, then the added temp sensor for more detail, and the 2B  upgraded model - new, not rebuilt, could have saved $20.00 but decided to do the whole thing.  Upgrades were depth added,  and better reading dial.  I can make a mounting for the cockpit dash pretty easy, and different alarms should keep me aware of problems quicker.

Overall, cheaper than even one of my two aftermarket props, or motor damage in water (like our coastal lakes) that' is really new to me..  Instillation looks to be a breeze, even in the garage.   A second front finder might  plot  lakes better to locate drop offs, or stick up structure before the rod gets hung in it.  Fishing the edge good, drifting into it, not so much. Last of all is the way thicker plywood bracing furthur up front  -- where no "puck" should go.

Two weeks, then hot doggers !! ---  Thanks again, Coots I liked the input a lot, -----  Cal

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