Re: Coots Lunch w. Social Distancing? Thursday?

Paul Bartlett

Hi John, if lunch is still on could I attend lunch? I don’t have exact address - as I remember it’s 24th street(?) in Albany.

Hope all’s well. In other news I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. So I’m currently on leave from work - which for me is not normal. Looks as if I’ll be going through some uncharted waters...(!).

Thanks, Paul

On May 5, 2020, at 2:01 PM, John Kohnen <> wrote:

I talked to Dennis B yesterday. He says we can come to his place in Albany and have lunch in his yard, sitting in chairs suitably spaced, and eating the lunches we bring for ourselves. There's plenty of parking, so we can arrive in separate vehicles.

The Weatherman says it's gonna be a nice day this Thursday. Shall we meet at Dennis's at 1:00? If you don't know where Dennis Lives, email me and I'll give you directions.

John <>
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