Re: New to me - shop tool storage


Wow, Lots of response on this topic, some great ideas to help with a common builders problem.  I'm thinking to add a couple more ideas to that topic now.  With a good clothes pole handle or metal heavy handle and a small front lip , the cabinets can be carried to a job if organized for that duty.   Using the sides of fairly permanent boxes, pegboard can be mounted on the box ends, for hangers between solid cases.  I like my own pegboard wall coverings, they were there when we bought the house, along with a 1/8 in. steel topped built in layout and heavy work counter. 

Boy Howdy !!  -- That's handy too.  I use Harbor Freight 90 - 45 degree magnetic clamps for saw tables for assembly,  By the way, magnets stuck on an adjustable drafting angle tool can help locate several angles as needed.  I measure, transfer to the steel, welding pencil mark the lines, and erase easy after assembly, I like the accuracy with the quick erase as needed on a blued steel surface.

Always a 2 ft., by  4 ft steel level area -- and non glue or paint sticking surface, if I clear it off !!  The previous owner rebuilt machinery for a logging co., and needed a steel table with a big vice on one corner for assembly.  One of the many reasons, beside the small barn, and a full wall of heavy storage shelving built in, that we bought here in the first 5 minutes over 30 years ago.. 

Happy shopkeeping,  Cal

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