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The ramp at Triangle Lake is a County Park, and Lane County didn't shut down it's parks for the dread Virus. I hope those boaters at Triangle Lake were being responsible and not crowding together at the ramp, or packing non-housemates into their boats. If the County thinks the parks are attracting irresponsible behavior they may shut them down.

The ramp at Orchard Point, on Fern Ridge, has been open all along, and now there's enough water there to launch most of our boats. The seasonal opening of Richardson Park has been delayed, but it's scheduled to open tomorrow.

I don't know if the marinas will open tomorrow... There's over 3 1/2 ft. of water in my slip, but it's doubtful that the lake will rise much more. <sigh> Pray for rain!

On 4/30/2020 8:16 AM, Electri-Cal wrote:
Found an open lake for boating on yesterday, open for kokanee and bass fishing.  Seems private lakes are open, Triangle lake had several boats on the ramp and getting fishing.  I had the scooter, on a local cruise. Maybe Blue Lake outside portland too ??
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