Re: New to me - shop tool storage

Jove Lachman-Curl

Was there meant to be a link with the original email?
I’m definitely interested in pictures of what works for people. My board is below.

I made a 4x4 tool board with French cleats. I’m not sure I’d do it again since the tool holders tend to wiggle a little and a couple get close to falling off sometimes so I e added a screw to those. Generally I’m happy with the ability to move things around and it’s cheaper and much more attractive than a peg board system with all those holes and wire objects, at least to me.
I’m interested in tips to make it work better though. I’ve found that the tool holder needs to hang down somewhat to work well. Coming straight out it can pry it’s self off with repeated vibration of removing tools.

On Apr 30, 2020, at 8:20 AM, Stephen Miller <w7srmsteve@...> wrote:

I have used french cleats to create clamp racks and to hang some wood cabinets on the shop/garage walls.  They work great!   

One tip is to save some small pieces of the cleats as templates for the next time.  Makes set up easier. 

Steve Miller

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