New to me - shop tool storage


For radically improving most work shops, and having portable tool holders in convenient locations, this looks to be a great remodel idea.  Most are made from scrap wood, for a low cost approach solution.   Several sites on line show "French Cleats", as a systematic approach to shop easier tool handling practices.  Soon as I'm done of course, or mostly - with the new window wood valience, and the new design kayak paddle for a couple themed projects.  I did one project on better extension cord storage years ago.   Check out the 20 plus shop storage ideas, then also look at the 5 mistakes in building "French Cleat" types of tool storage on another related site, just in case.  Hummm, keeping tools handy as well as sharp makes the whole  building process easier and safer. 

Check it out, Coots, ---  cal 

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