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Thanks, Jim. I'll have to pick up a copy next time I'm over there, and the Museum is open. Or maybe we can swap our Yaquina books, if we can ever get together again... <g>

Here are a few photos from On the Yaquina and Big Elk. See attachments. The first is proof that rock did go down the river in barges. <g> "Elk City rock" may mean it came from the old quarry we can see across Big Elk Creek from the park in Elk City.

The second is the Pioneer quarry. Pioneer is up the Yaquina from Elk City, past where river transport is practical, and it's on the same side of the river as the railroad. Or at least the remains of the town are, I suppose the quarry could have been anywhere nearby...

Last is something for the boat nuts. Isn't that a fine looking rowboat!

Alas, the reproduction of the photos in On the Yaquina and Big Elk is terrible. <sigh> But I'll bet they're in the collection in the museum archives.

On 4/27/2020 7:22 PM, Jim C wrote:
I got the book at the museum in Toledo. I have to call my brother inlaw in Newport about the barges. He couldn't figure how the train got to the jetty. Thanks
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