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As Joe mentioned, Yaquina City was where the Mad Dog Tavern and Sawyer's Landing are today. The Newport city fathers wouldn't pungle up a subsidy for Mr. Hogg to run his railroad into town, so he decided to build his own international seaport city at Yaquina. Passengers and freight came from the valley on the railroad, then crossed the bay on steamers to Newport, Obviously, Mr. Hogg's grand ideas never panned out. It's a very interesting story...

The railroad ran out of Toledo through where the boatyard is and the old bed meets up with the Bay Road after your drive over the hill above the boatyard, the road then follows the railroad bed to Yaquina. When the road was young it crossed the sloughs on the railroad trestles you can still see. They just laid boards on the trestles, with no guardrails or any of that kind of sissy stuff. <g>

If you poke around on the Interweb you'll find a paper written by a college student about Yaquina City. She has some interesting stuff in the paper, but ends it with a photo of that wooden barge moldering away by the Bay Road several miles above Yaquina. The caption reads. "all that's left of Yaquina City"! Nonsense. Yaquina today is actually a pretty hopping place; less of a "ghost town" than Elk City.

On 4/25/2020 4:52 PM, Jim C wrote:
I just read a book by a lady who grew up in Toledo & she talks about the town of Yaquina being the end of the railroad from the valley. The book was published in 2004 & she claimed the old turntable is gone but there is a house built over the hole the turntable was on & is still there. Any one ever heard of this? My wife thinks the town of Yaquina was where the oyster place is.

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