Re: Fern Ridge status?

Case Turner

I’m surprised that the county and local people in charge have not shut it down.

The Corp closed all of their “waters”

If the people that have private ramps haven’t.

Everyone is wanting to get out. But staying home is better .

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On Apr 10, 2020, at 12:27 PM, John Kohnen <@Jkohnen> wrote:

Got my moorage holder parking passes and key code in yesterday's mail (postmarked the sixth). The old passes will go out in the shop for use as goo spreaders. They say the opening date for the marinas is TBA, but is unlikely to be before May 1st. Here's the Parks marina info page, with nothing specific to the water level this year:

I sure hope people use the parks responsibly, so they'll be open for us boaters when there's enough water...


The San Juans are closed, so even if Jove could get up there, he wouldn't be welcome.

If you go out to the west end of Royal Avenue, where it runs into the lake towards tern Iusland, you'll find a wildlife viewing platform, and if you look to the south you may see the missing white pelicans in the distance. If they are gonna breed at Fern Ridge this year I think that's a remote corner of the lake where they do it.

On 4/9/2020 5:18 PM, Jove wrote:
I have to correct you there John, every day feels like Friday to me or maybe like Sunday without Monday coming round the corner.
I've been out of work for almost a month and so far quite liking it. Weird times. Wish I had the freedom to go take my kayaks to the San-Juans or something with this time.
I was on a bike ride up round the reservoir today and similar to you I saw a ski boat out, pretty sure it launched from orchard point. and some Paddlers. The marina was full enough to float smaller boats, motor boats or swing keels. I called Wes Tucker who was the resident managing the orchard point marina, and he's moved on from that position. Just FYI. He's down near Roseburg now. There was a larger flock of pelicans maybe 30 that were thinking about join the handful in Kirk Pond, but they circled a few times then headed south across the lake.
It was so so good to get out of the house.
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