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Fern Ridge is a Corps project, but the recreation sites on it with boat ramps are run by the County. I was out at the lake this afternoon. There was somebody out waterskiing, and a an older couple were pulling a fishing skiff out at Richardson. There were a bunch of people out walking and, as far as I could see, maintaining proper social distancing. The white pelicans are back in Kirk Pond, the borrow pit below the dam. :o) Maybe just passing through, but some of them may stay and breed in the far corners of the lake. There were a few paddlers out on the pond.

I'm glad that Orchard Point Park is open, but I hope people don't abuse the privilege by grouping together and otherwise ignoring proper, and polite, behavior in these trying times (I wonder about the waterskiers, were they from the same household?). I don't want a few yahoos spoiling it for the rest of us by making Them close the parks.

The gates at Richardson park are closed, but people are parking outside and walking in. There are signs at the entrances to both parks reminding people of proper behavior in this time of the dreaded virus.

On 4/9/2020 1:38 PM, Case wrote:
The Corp has closed all of their reservoirs in Oregon and Washington to recreational uses to fall in line with the COVID order to stay home. Fern ridge is a Corp. reservoir so boat ramps are not open to the public at this time.
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