Re: Fern Ridge status?


There's about 3' 8" off water at the toe of the Orchard Point ramp. The launch ramp wasn't blocked off when I was out there a few days ago. There's a foot less water at the Richardson ramp, but the park gate was closed a few days ago:

You can check up on the lake level trend here:

The basin-wide interactive map will tell you haw far a reservoir is below it's "curve" if you hover over the little orange dam. Click on the dam and you'll get a chart for the res. like the one above:

I think I _might_ be able to launch Tuffy at Orchard Point now, if she were ready. <g> There's enough water in my slip at Richardson to float her...

I re-upped at the Richardson marina, but they haven't sent me the new moorage parking passes yet...

On 4/9/2020 11:40 AM, Dan A wrote:
Has anyone been to Fern Ridge in the past week and launched a boat?  All I have found on their website is the announcement, "Due to low water levels, moorage and marinas will not open before May 1" but it doesn't say anything about whether the ramps might be open or not.
I understand the water level is about 5 feet below a full pond, but I should still be able to launch my Potter 15 without any problems if access to the ramp is available.
I noticed my annual moorage pass expires at the end of April, so I wouldn't need to purchase a parking pass just yet.
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