Re: Choosing an Android Tablet for Navionics

Case Turner

John I’ve charged my iPad mini and
My iPhone. Braxton has charged his school
tablet. I think it’s some sort of google chrome book.

Usually I just use the other ports and they charge fairly rapidly too.


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On Apr 9, 2020, at 1:02 AM, John Kohnen <@Jkohnen> wrote:

Thanks, Case. Please pardon my poor reading comprehension. I guess that's why my search for a Cllena panel with two USB chargers was in vain. <g>

What brand devices have you successfully fast charged with the Cllena fast charger socket? I've got a Samsung...

I already ordered the other one I found. If it doesn't work, they say "free returns". <g>

On 4/8/2020 6:34 PM, Case wrote:
That is correct. If you’d read the original
Post, I replaced the cigarette socket with the USB port that had the quick charger.
Here is the link
Cllena Dual USB Charger Socket...
John <@Jkohnen>
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