Re: Choosing an Android Tablet for Navionics


John, the one I use and referenced is just a simple power source, and thought you were just looking for simple wire in type, with more power available.  While it should put out enough power to keep most devices charged,  it is not anything like a "fast charge" device.  It keeps our devices charged while using them if they are either near full charge or not doing tasks that draw a lot of power like Navigation graphics and GPS.  Having the most archaic USB connection it is severely limited regarding power. 

For "fast charging" you will most likely need a USB-C device and look carefully for compatibility issues with your tablet.  There is significant variation in how a device implements fast charging.  To really work well the charger has to have some smarts that enable it to communicate and work with the charging components in the device/tablet.  For instance, while your tablet may have a USB connection for charging, and USB power is specified at 5 volts, to push a lot of power in  (power being Volts x Amps)  you need to raise the voltage to the device being charged, and the device has to have the controls inside to handle the power conversion, and contingent on the device agreeing to that.  Thus the compatibility issues. 

It started out good, but USB is no longer the UniversalSearialBus that it started out as.  Manufacturers are lousy at agreeing to "standards" and power conversion is not an area where a standard is easy.

I have not found any that match the above that are wire in type.  Probably are somewhere though.

John A

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