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Case Turner

I installed this panel in my trailer. I removed the cigarette style port and added another duel usb plug. Has worked great for charging everything we use. Currently the switches run the lights and stereo in the trailer. At some point I’ll add a 12v fan. This company also makes a panel with just the USB ports

Cllena Dual USB Socket Charger...

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On Apr 8, 2020, at 2:15 PM, John Kohnen <@Jkohnen> wrote:

Thanks, John. Does that USB charger "Fast charge" your Apple devices? The hardwired USB sockets I've already got in Lazy Jack are supposedly 2.1 amps per port, but won't deliver anywhere near that much to my tablets. Bob L explained (IIRC) that the USB standard limits the current delivered to charge a device to something like 1.2 amps. Apple and Samsung and Amazon Kindle, and perhaps other manufacturers, supply chargers that will deliver more current, if asked nicely by the device. Unfortunately, each manufacturer implements this slightly differently. <sigh> Fortunately, some USB charger makers have managed to come up with USB sockets that will fast charge a variety of modern devices. So, it'd be a major undertaking to make a homebrew fast USB charger out of a 12V to 5V dc-dc converter... Bob can explain the whole thing better than I. <g>

The one you use doesn't mention that on its Amazon page, so I'm reluctant to order one without clarification.

Last year I replaced the USB charging cable for the Samsung tablet in Lazy Jack, and then the slow charger socket managed to keep up with the juice used to run the GPS and navigate. <shrug> (it took me a day or two of the Salish 100 to find where I'd stashed the Anker fast charger <g>). So maybe the cable was the problem, but I'd rather have ample available juice, rather than just barely enough...

When using the tablet to navigate all day with the slow charger and feeble cable, the tablet battery didn't run down all the way, and would charge up again when I turned the tablet off at night.

On 4/8/2020 7:55 AM, john acord wrote:
Here's the one I put in our boat. Keeps Claire's IPAD Mini and Iphone both charged while in use.
It's 2.4A per USB socket. Seems like you can find them with higher output if you look a bit. 3A seems maybe the usual limit. If you want more than that than wire in a 12V to 5V dc-dc converter and make your own :)
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