More stuff to go


First off, I can take photos as needed for private replies.  Probably most of the boat gear I have ought to go to a coot in build mode.  I also have rifle, pistol, and shotgun reloading setups.  Two RCBS Rockchucker presses, with most die sets.  Good 12 ga. trap reloader setup, with a lot of boxes of ammo in AA trap.  Also some powder, primers for this stuff.  Might be worth a visit here, or a request for a full reloader set up price if that works out.  Might even trade for something else, but I'm down to one boat, more fishing gear than I'll ever use, and a Yamaha 400 scooter, at last.  Thought i'd ask here one time before I have to pack and ship stuff.  Good prices, some gifting if I have what you need.  Will take some digging in the closits, but lots of gear for archery or gun people.

The barn is almost cleared out, yea !!  One more trailer rental load to go, after the virus is over.  The electric 1000 watt EV bike is finally done, and a car carrier too.  I hope all the coots take this down time to prepare for the summer, and that this is over by then.  Next November maybe we will get a chance to consider a different route than a "Family Feud" type of tv show, tired of that one. 

Give me a return mail, and we can talk about it privately, thanks. ----  Cal Drake

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