Re: Real Computer Program to Use with Navionics

cherrill boissonou

Jeez...I don’t know ,Bob.....I just stare-off in the distance, pick some mythological point, and head for it......I magically avoid rocks and other protrusions by thinking positive thoughts and repeating my mantra over and over: “It’s always worked, It’s always wor........
Sounds pretty good, huh.

On Mar 28, 2020, at 12:21 PM, Bob Larkin <bob@...> wrote:

Slightly related - NOAA used to do 18423 and 18445 "Small Craft Series" for Puget Sound, that in printed form were a wonderful solution to having something!  These have been discontinued in print AND in file form.  But, if anybody is interested, I have the *files* for 2015, near the end of there run.  They are big, but if anyone wants these, I could try to post these for others.  If you have printed versions, keep them!   Bob

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