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Thanks for the tip, Brandon. "Masquerade" looks like an entertaining film noir -- with sailboats! :o)

"The Mercy" is a fictional movie about Andrew's hero Donald Crowhurst and his strange and disastrous participation in the first solo, non-stop, 'round the world race. I'll probably watch it (Netflix has it on disc), but I expect to be disappointed, as I often am by films "inspired by" events I know something about.

Another flick on the list is "Dark Water", an excellent documentary on the same race, with a lot of it about Crowhurst, of course. The true events don't need any embellishment. If Crowhurst hadn't joined that race, and somebody came up with a movie idea about someone like Donald Crowhurst, doing what he actually did during the 'round the world race, they wouldn't be able to convince a producer to make it, because the plot would be too preposterous and nobody would believe it. ;o)

Fortunately, although I remember Ford's endurance racing effort in the '60s, I don't remember the details, so I was able to thoroughly enjoy "Ford Vs. Ferrari". I don't have any idea how far the filmmakers altered the facts, but the result is great entertainment, with excellent racing action (using replicas of the original cars) and fine performances from the leads. If you want to take a break from watching the boaty movies, give "Ford Vs. Ferrari" a try -- but only if you don't know much about Ford racing history. ;o)

On 3/27/2020 2:30 PM, Brandon F wrote:
These lists always leave off “Masquerade” with Rob Lowe. Great opening sequence with a big SORC racing yacht being put through her paces. But the real beauty in the film is the 40-foot sloop? Yawl? (I can’t remember) that shows up halfway through the movie.
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