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I got a reply from Dan at TopoGrafix, who told me that you need to recenter the map over a coastal area to see the option for setting the base map to nautical charts. Why? It seems like nautical charts were an afterthought to the designers. Woulda been easy enough to mention that on the Help page anyway. <sigh> I'm really not very happy with ExpertGPS's user friendliness...

For us small boaters, ExpertGPS is gonna be used at home to plan out trips and plot waypoints and routes. Downloading the charts only when requested isn't a problem for that use, and only a minor annoyance if you plan on using the program in a boat (unless you're trying to find PT Boat Haven in a dense fog and discover that the only charts in your handheld GPS are highway maps. Ask how I know. <g>). Navionics is the same way. More on that in another tutorial soon...

On 3/27/2020 10:41 AM, George C wrote:
Hi Mark,
Wow, it's only giving a 5 day trail? When I did the free trial 2 years ago I got a 14 days (I believe). Also, I was able to set the base default to nautical charts. It almost sounds like ExpectGPS reduced the capaciblities of the trail version.
On the purchased version which I have, I get the NOAA charts. Now, looking through the installation area, I don't see any BSB or KAP file. I just turned off my internet and tried zooming into a chart to see detail. No map was found. When I turned on my internet access, the detailed chart appeared. So I believe you are right. You need internet access to first download the areas of interest. According to ExpertGPS' website,  once the map/chart area is download to your computer you can continue to use it in the field.
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